Picture of a Good Life (album, 2021)

Digital release:
Physical release arriving later.


1. Marathon
2. Island
3. Burnt My Fingers
4. I Was Going to Let You Know Me
5. Wild Birds
6. Loners
7. Mirrors
8. Patchwork
9. Picture of a Good Life

Written and produced by Anssi Neuvonen.
Arranged and performed by Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen.
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Sebastian Muxfeldt.
Mastered by Flo Siller.
Additional recordings by Anssi Neuvonen.
Additional shepherding by J.Tala.
Cover painting by James F Johnston. Reframed by Appu Jasu.

Released by Clouds Hill.


Volant (album, 2019)



1. Lost In Time
2. Elysion
3. Brothers
4. Person I Used To Be
5. Raindrops
6. Birds Are Late
7. The Golden Front
8. The Half Horizon
9. October

Written, produced and recorded by Anssi Neuvonen.
Performed and arranged by NEØV.
Mixed by Sampsa Väätäinen.
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde.

Released by Clouds Hill.